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See the right emoji

(Not rectangles, outdated emoji, uncombined emoji, or black and white emoji)

Chrome for Windows often displays rectangles or black and white emojis. Chrome for Mac will show Apple style emojis, but if you aren't on the latest update of your operating system, you won't see the newest emojis. Emoji for Google Chrome™ fixes these problems by showing you the emoji you're supposed to see, avoiding miscommunication. You can even choose the emoji style you like best.


Your favorite style of emoji

The choice is yours how you want to display emoji from all websites in your browser.   You'll even be able to replace Google style emoji from Gmail and Hangouts with the emoji style of your choosing.  Same for Twitter.







Multiple ways to input emoji

Emoji Input Method 1

While typing anywhere on the web, type :: and start typing the name of an emoji. A list of matching emoji will appear showing matching emoji. Press Tab to select desired emoji and then press enter. Example, by typing ::cat:: you will get the cat emoji.

Emoji Input Method 2

Click in the box where you type (example: status message or compose tweet) and then click the smiley face icon in your toolbar. Select an emoji. On Mac, you will see the emoji appear. On Windows, you will see a rectangle appear, this represents the emoji. After you send the message, you will see the emoji that you sent in the page.

Emoji Input Method 3

Same as method 2 above, except copy the emoji from the box in the popup after selecting the emoji (Use this method if the site you're using seems to be incompatible.)


See what people are saying about Emoji for Google Chrome™

Excellent plug-in/extension for browsing mobile sites on my old people computer, so I don't get confused on the Tweeters and Raddits. Understanding all you youngins with your emoticons makes communicating much easier, and displays can be tweaked for emoji output from different sites' suites of available emojis. Thanks to the dev for putting this together and publishing it for free. Please support your fellow code monkeys and send them a cup of coffee! 

I love this app!!! I've tried others in the past but this one is the best because I can use short cuts or simply use the search icon and type what I"m looking for. super easy! and it's up to date with all the emojis I want and need. I haven't had any issues with it. 

I've been using this app for 3 years and it's absolutely amazing! I love being able to use emojis without Apple products! The only downfall is that if other people don't have this extension or an Apple product, they won't see exactly the same emojis that you do but that's minor being that a lot of people I know have a device that provides some type of emoji (whether it be Apple or Android) 

Love it! Teachers and students at my school are using it to organize their Google Drive folders with emojiis as part of the folder name. ESL, sped, students who have problems processing; excellent use.

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